How to use UK’s Finest: Buyers & Introducers

How to use UK’s Finest: Searching and connecting
How to use UK’s Finest: Messaging
How to use UK’s Finest: Notifications
How to use Uk’s Finest: Settings

Searching and Connecting with other users

As an Overseas Buyer you will be able to see all UK sellers on the platform by clicking on the corresponding Seller tab (as pictured below). If you have an Introducer account the Buyers tab will also appear alongside the Seller tab.

  • Once you’ve reached this page (e.g. Sellers),  you can refine your search of users by using the intuitive left-side panel. All fields on the search panel can be combined, allowing you to refine your searches further (as pictured below).
  • If you are interested in a user and would like to speak to them to find out more information, click the Connect button on their profile. This will send a notification to the user, giving them the option to accept or decline your request.
  • You will be notified if the user accepts your connection request. They will become part of your Network, giving you the ability to message them.
  • You will also be notified if a user opts not to accept your connection request.


It’s possible to message a user who you have connected with in 2 ways:

  1. By clicking the Private Message button on the chosen user’s profile page. This will then take you to the Messages tab with the user automatically selected as the recipient.

  2. By navigating to the Messages tab on your profile. Here you will be able to compose a message and choose who to send it to. You can do this by beginning to type the name of your user in the Send @Username. As you type the system will intelligently show you users who begin with those letters. Please remember that this will only show users who you are connected with.

  • Once you have sent your message, it will appear in your Sent folder. You can also keep important conversations in your Starred folder by starring a message chain.

Notifications: On the platform

  • The system will notify you when you receive a new Connection or Message. The amount of unread notifications you have is displayed in the top right corner above your profile picture, and on the corresponding tabs when on your profile

  • They will also display in the Notifications tab. To mark notifications you have seen as read, click the eye button. To delete them completely, click the X button. If you would like to remove a large number of notifications in one go, tick the boxes next to the notifications you’d like to remove, click Bulk Actions and click Mark Read.

Notifications: Via email

  • UK’s Finest will automatically send a notification straight to your email inbox when: You receive a new connection request, a new private message or a user you are connected with updates their profile.

  • This means that your UK’s Finest profile keeps you updated without the need to log back into the platform each time.

  • If you are not receiving email notifications, please check your junk/spam folders. We would advise that you amend the message settings of your email platform to ensure that UK’s Finest emails are not automatically filed into your junk/spam folder.


On the settings tab you will be able to:

    • Update your email and password.
    • Change the frequency of your email notifications.
    • Let administrators know that your profile is ready to be activated, as outlined above.
    • Export your personal data from UK’s Finest. Delete your account, erasing all data. Please note that this cannot be undone.