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International award-winning OakVilla Distillery is based in the UK at a Villa dating back to the early 1850’s.

Oak Villa's current owners, the Hancke family name their first International-award winning gin launched in 2017 in tribute to the historic significance of the Villa where the distillery is based and those fighting for freedom from yesteryear.  They also paid tribute to the Hancke family roots, by naming their first gin 'Vryheid'

‘Vryheid’ is 'Freedom'

One year after launching Vryheid, now an International Award-Winning spirit, OakVilla Distillery in Wymondham has launched a second beautifully hand-crafted Oak rested Dry Gin to celebrate Nelson's County's strong nautical heritage and to pay tribute to the "Hearts of Oak" who have kept us safe from time immemorial.

‘Heart of Oak’ – a brave person.

The Hancke family offers this tribute to the brave from the past and present, acknowledging the sacrifices made to achieve and retain freedom in its many forms worldwide with special regard towards Norfolk's Lord Nelson and all generations of the naval service's 'hearts of oak'.  We sincerely wish the drinkers of Vryheid and Heart of Oak their full enjoyment of a healthy measure of Freedom, the gift of the Brave, while toasting its providers: past, present and future.

In Detail

Our Products

Gin Craft Distilled in Norfolk with local florals such as poppy and elderflowers. Orange-blossom honey from Spain, roasted oak and pink and black pepper.

Product Formats

70cl Decanters and limited edition 25cl bottles, talk to us for other size possibility.

What We are Looking For

Distributors to upmarket trade such as restaurants, bar, club. Retail interest.

Featured Products

  • Vryheid GinVryheid Gin won a Silver award (Contemporary Style) a Bronze (London Dry) and another Bronze (Gin and Dubbel Dutch Tonic) from the IWSC (International Wine and Spirit Competition) since its launch in 2018. Elderflowers, poppy, orange-blossoms, honey, oak and pink and black pepper forms part of the 14 botanicals used during the distillation of Vryheid. Every decanter is bottles by hand, labeled by hand and finished with a bespoke stopper. Vryheid is a taste of freedom. ABV 44%.
  • Heart of Oak GinHeart of Oak Gin is a dry oak rested gin. Distilled with the OakVilla signature botanicals elderflowers, poppy, orange-blossom, honey, oak, pink and black pepper form part of the botanical profile. After distillation the gin is rested with Oak. A lovely golden colour, less florally than Vryheid with peppers and honey forward to create a warming feeling. At 44% ABV Heart of Oak is exceptionally smooth and can be enjoyed neat on the rocks or with a tonic. The tones from the oak make Heart of Oak brave enough to stand up to a ginger-ale garnished with orange and dark chocolate. Heart of Oak comes in a 70cl decanter or a limited edition 25cl.