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Squirrels UK Ltd is an established and trusted distributor and exporter of FMCG products with almost 40 years of trading experience, developing a reputation of valuing high quality and supplying the biggest brands at highly competitive prices. In 2016, Squirrels received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade as recognition of outstanding growth in our exports.

Squirrels also trade under our own Thurstons Fine Foods brand. The brand covers a wide variety of products including grocery, biscuit and snack lines. This year, Thurstons has seen significant growth and expansion of its product range. The latest addition to the Thurstons range is a collection of No Added Sugar cookies and breakfast biscuits, with ten unique variants in total. Looking forward into 2019, Squirrels aims to develop and diversify the Thurstons brand further.

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We are looking to grow our Distributor Network around the world for products under Thurstons Fine Foods

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  • Thurstons SnacksThurstons have an expanding range of snack bags along with Sweet and Salted Popcorn. Thurstons also stock a wide variety of nut and cashew lines.
  • Thurstons Cakes and BiscuitsWe are continuing to diversify our cake range such as the recent addition of our Loaf cakes. Thurstons also supply Fairy cakes and several biscuit lines such as Shortbread Rings and Choco Wheels.
  • Thurstons Fruit and VegetablesThurstons have several popular Fruit and Veg related lines such as our 3 pack tins, but also new Fruit Cups including peach pieces and fruit salads.
  • Thurstons Olives and CondimentsThe Thurstons Grocery range includes some of our best-selling lines. For example, we have an extensive range of olives, peppers and other condiments.
  • Thurstons Jams and SpreadsThurstons Jams are a key part of the range of spreads we have available. Our Chocolate & Hazelnut spread tubs are another delicious line in this range.
  • Thurstons No Added SugarOur brand new No Added Sugar range includes a wide variety of cookies and breakfast biscuits. They are both delicious and rich in vitamins.