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Sweet Revolution has created a range of innovative and delicious alternative lattes, using superfoods and spices instead of coffee.  The range includes six flavours made using the finest wholefood ingredients, and comes in two blends - an instant blend, which is designed to be made by adding water, and a barista blend which is designed to be made with any type of milk.  All products are certified organic and vegan, and are free from dairy, refined sugar, gluten and/or caffeine.

We’re passionate about making great tasting drinks to nourish your body and feed your soul!

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Our Products

Six delicious flavours of Organic Superblend Latte available in both an Instant Blend and a Barista Blend. The Instant Blend has a base of coconut milk powder and can be made simply by adding water. A quick and convenient way to make a hot drink anytime, anywhere. The Barsita Blend is available in both catering and retail packs and makes a delicious luxurious latte with the milk of your choice.

Product Formats

Our Instant Blends are supplied in 200g sealable pouches in cases of 5. Our Barista Blends are supplied in both catering packs and retail packs.

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Featured Products

  • Organic Hot Chocolate with Raw CacaoGive your hot chocolate the ultimate upgrade! This ‘feel-good’ latte uses unrefined, raw cacao to create a deliciously indulgent cup of hot chocolate. Free from refined sugar and gluten.
  • Organic Matcha Latte with VanillaThis latte is the perfect coffee alternative as matcha green tea contains some slow-release caffeine. A dreamy latte enhanced with Madagascan vanilla. Free from refined sugar and gluten.
  • Organic Chai Latte with ReishiA delicious take on a traditional chai tea, this chai latte combines the spices of nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and black pepper. We’ve also added a little Reishi to boost wellbeing. Free from refined sugar, caffeine and gluten.
  • Organic Turmeric Latte with Black PepperAdd some sunshine into your day with this golden milk drink. Spiced with turmeric, cinnamon and a touch of black pepper, this latte is a deliciously warming treat. Free from refined sugar, caffeine and gluten.
  • Organic Beetroot Latte with GingerThis vibrantly coloured latte contains the many qualities of beetroot. Fast becoming the new trend, this latte includes a little ginger for a warming note. Free from refined sugar, caffeine and gluten
  • Organic Chicory Latte with Lion's ManeRoasted chicory root is a great caffeine-free alternative to coffee as the roasted root carries a deep, rich flavour similar to the coffee bean. We’ve also added a little Lion’s Mane to enhance wellbeing. Free from refined sugar and caffeine.