Exclusive opportunity to showcase products in stores throughout Hong Kong

As your company has indicated Hong Kong as a priority export market, we invite you to register your interest in being part of 759 Store’s British Week, where selected companies will be showcased in 180+ stores across Hong Kong.

About 759 Store

759 Store is a chain of stores of 180+ stores in Hong Kong, selling groceries and snacks in metro stations and shopping malls across the country.  The stores specialise in Snacks, Grocery, Rice & Grains, Frozen Food, Beverages and Household goods, and have a footfall of over 1.2 million customers per month. The majority of their products are currently sourced from Japan and Korea, but 759 Stores are now looking to expand their portfolio further with UK brands.

Product criteria

759 Store is looking for ambient products, including alcohol less than 30% abv. As this is a discount store premium products are not desired, however they are prepared to pay a bit more for British products that meet their criteria.  

Exclusive UK’s Finest opportunity

759 Store is now on the hunt to add UK brands to their product portfolio, showcasing these new additions as part of a British Week at various supermarket chains. The events will run between August – October 2021 and January – February 2022.

The buyer has committed to introducing a minimum of 1 container of UK brands for this festival as part of this opportunity.

How to register your interest 

If you are interested in this opportunity, please fill in the below registration of interest form with your details. Your information will be passed on to DIT Hong Kong who will assess your suitability with 759 Store.

If selected by 759 Store, DIT Hong Kong will send you a connection request via UK’s Finest to set up a virtual meeting for you with the buyer. This meeting will give you an opportunity to discuss your products and offering further with 759 Store. Companies may be required to send samples to 759 Store before the virtual meeting, so please ensure you are able to ship samples to Hong Kong before registering your interest.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that your company will be selected by 759 Store. If you have not received a connection request from DIT Hong Kong before the end of October, then your application has been unsuccessful.